Sign ups for the 2022 Big Harvest are now open. 


2022 BIG Harvest Participation Agreement

These terms must be agreed to in order to complete the application process. The online application form invites you to click a box to confirm that your organization has read and understood these rules.


I understand that The Butte Agriculture Foundation, Inc. (BAF) will accept donations on behalf of our organization from November 1, 2022– December 31, 2022 and these donations will be distributed to our organization within 60 days of the close of the drive. Our matching gift percentage will be determined after all contributions have been processed. BAF will retain 2% of gross revenues for administrative expenses, to be paid exclusively from the matching funds that BAF raises; not from your donations.


Checks will be made out to The BIG Harvest/ the name of your organization and sent from the donor directly to:

The Big Harvest/Name of Organization

PO Box 360

Durham, CA 95938


  • I understand that BAF will send an official tax receipt acknowledgement letter to all donors. At the close of the Big Harvest, we will be provided a list with all donor names, addresses and amounts of gifts in order for us to send a personal thank you note.

  • I understand that funds directed to this effort are to be contributions from donors only.

  • No funds allowed from special events or fundraisers will be processed through The Big Harvest.

  • No goods or services will be provided in exchange for donations.

  • No fees for membership, drawings, dinners, event tickets or other activities are allowed to be processed through The Big Harvest.

  • No funds in fulfillment of prior pledges.

  • Donations of cash are discouraged but can be accepted during normal business hours. No exceptions.

  • Donations received (not postmarked) before The BIG Harvest begins (November 1st) or after The BIG Harvest closes (December 31st at 4 p.m.) will be passed through to the participating organization, but will not count towards matching funds. A 2% administrative fee will be deducted from all donations received after December 31st.

  • I agree to support the marketing efforts of The BIG Harvest and will participate in these marketing efforts to the degree possible.

  • The marketing activities of our organization will be consistent with the goals and efforts of The BIG Harvest and will include The BIG Harvest logo in printed material, online information, or other media.

  • BAF has permission to use the name of our organization in marketing and promotional material as a participant in The BIG Harvest Agricultural Community Drive.

  • I understand that matching funds from BAF will be distributed to each participating organization proportionate to the total amount raised by The BIG Harvest. Matching funds will be given as a percentage match up to the first $25,000 raised by any one participating organization.

  • I verify that the funds we raise will not be used to promote activities that are anything other than related to agricultural education and/or promotion.

  • I understand that all funds received by Butte Agriculture Foundation are subject to the variance power* of the BAF Board of Directors.


*The Board of Directors shall have the power to modify or eliminate any restriction, condition, limitation or trust imposed with respect to any funds or property the title to which has become vested in this corporation if, in the sole judgment of the Board of Directors, such restriction, condition, limitation or trust becomes unnecessary, incapable of fulfillment or inconsistent with the charitable needs of the community or area served.